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Captcha Entry, Data Entry - Job at Home (List)

What is Captcha Entry work?
Captcha entry work is just typing. This is a data entry work. An image will show which contains Number(s), Letter(s), and other signs which you can type with your computer keyboard. That image is known as Captcha. You have to type in text format from that image. This is called Captcha Entry work.

Some Details:-
You can work from home. For that you'll need your own computer with fast Internet connection. You must have the ability of computer typing. Never work with them who want money from you. They are spam or fraud. Some sites don't want money from you but they also spam or fraud, they won't pay for your work. So you've to be careful.
So, for you I discuss some captcha entry work website Who are good and Some who are Bad.

First two are Good Sites. But the 3rd One is Bad Site. --- Amongst the captcha entry websites is the most popular and reliable workplace. They will pay you after working $1 (One US Dollar). You must have a web money account. Because they only pay through Web Money.

Positive Points
1. Legit site. Payment proved. They pay for your work.
2. Payment through Web Money.
3. Request for payment = minimum $1 (One US Dollar).
4. 24/7 works are available.
5. You'll get a chart into your account for Time and Rate.
6. Not so hard work with.
7. Although their rate is very low but they have bonus work plan. With this plane you can earn more money. But for this you have to work hard. you will earn an extra percent of your work.
For Example ---

The beginner bonus: + 0% of total input captcha: 0
Junior Sticker Bonus: + 2% of the total input captcha: 100
Senior Sticker Bonus: + 5% total input captcha: 1000
Silver hammer bonus: + 8% of the total input captcha: 5000
Gold hammer bonus: + 10% of total input captcha number: 10000
Silver smith bonus: + 15% of the total input captcha: 18,000
The gold smith bonus: + 20% of the total input captcha: 30,000
Kuvaldo bonus: + 25% of total input captcha number: 50000
Gold kuvaldometr bonus: + 30% of the total input captcha: 80,000
T he younger borer bonus: + 35% of the total input captcha: 120000
The senior borer bonus: + 40% of the total input captcha: 170 000
Deformator bonus: + 50% of the total input captcha: 250 000

Any problem with this List? OK. I will give you an Example:- When you enter 100 correct entry, you will enjoy 2% of your entry value till 999 correct entry (100 to 999). For Example - if your earning is $1 USD then your earning will be $1.02 USD. 1000 correct entry will make the percentage to 5% (1000 to 4999).

If you want to get 50% of your work, you have to enter more than 2,49,000 correct entry!!! (Keep Patience).

Negative Points
1. Their most bad thing is Their working rate. There is no website for captcha entry work at such a Low rate. Their rate start with $0.27 to $0.80 per 1000 correct entry. This will be so frustrating for you, where everyone else is offering you at least $0.80 to $1.25 per 1000 correct entry. But everyone is not reliable.
2. This is a Russian company. Sometimes Russian letters will disturb you. But this is not a problem.
3. Wrong entry will appears again and again and again. Sometimes you will think that the entry you entered was right. At that case Just click to "Can't Read" Button.
4. Their chart where it is showing the time and rate, sometimes you'll find wrong. Your typing place contains a part where the current rate will show you. Sometimes that rate and Chart rate will differ.
5. The Chart is not fixed. It's changing continuously and will give you low rate, never higher.
6. Payment method:- Only WebMoney. Nothing else.

 Personal Advice
1. If you have no choice to earn some money, then This site is best for you (At Least they pay for your work, may be a very Low rate). But if you have any alternative choice, then I will suggest you to not to Join this site. You will work harder and harder for little rate (Like $0.27 per 1000 correct entry!!!). So Frustrating. But If you want to do, Just do, don't think about rate.

2. If your Typing speed is fast (average speed) and your Internet connection is VERY fast than you can try the same work, but at a very high rate (Up to $1.35 per 1000 correct entry) at (click and read my article before you join there, Because they also have some negative points).

3. You can join . This is not captcha or data entry site, but you can do there jobs if you can brows Internet, google, facebook, twitter, yahoo answer etc etc simple tasks. Click here to read about Micro Workers

2. --- Hard and Legit - It's Hard, but they pay. It's hard, because, if you're slow in typing and/or your Internet speed is very slow - then it's Very Hard to work with them. But it's a Legit website in the case of Payment. They pay for Captcha Entry Work (Data Entry).

(1) Per 1000 Correct Entry $0.85 to $1.35
(2) Rate Depends on The Time you're Working (You can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
(3) Highest Rate at 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. (GMT +6.00/Indian Time)
(You'll get a chart of Time and Rate)
(4) It's not so hard to earn 200 US Dollar per month from here.

 You Need
(1) Your own PC, Fast Internet Connection
(2) Typing (Average speed)
(3) Minimum English reading Capability.

 Detail Info
(1) You can withdraw your money through PayPal, WebMoney, LibertyReserve and Western Union.
(2) You can withdraw your money (anytime) when you work at least $3.00 (PayPal, WebMoney, LibertyReserve) and $100 for Western Union Money Transfer.
(3) I think you should avoid Western Union Money Transfer. Better you use a LibertyReserve or WebMoney Account. PayPal is the Best (if your country support PayPal).
(4) If you don't have any account, then you better Create a WebMoney or LibertyReserve Account. It's free, safe and their Money transfer Fee is Low. Details is in the next part.

 Negative Points / Drawbacks
(1) If you're a very slow Typist then don't this Job. If you continuously failed to Type before TimeOut Then your Account will be Banned after giving you many warning (Kick).
(2) If your Internet speed is very very slow, don't do this.
(3) If you continuously Entered wrong Entry, Your account will be banned after giving you Many warning (Kick).
(4) Once you select your Payment Method then You could not change it Later. So Be careful when you select your Payment Method. You'll be responsible for your selection. Before you start You Better create your Payment account first on WebMoney or LibertyReserve.

(5) Any of your Wrong step Can ban your Account.

 Now if you took decision to do this work ...
 Then the process, STEP by STEP ...
1. You will need a LibertyReserve/WebMoney/PayPal Account (any One) to get Paid.
2. Create any of the account if you don't have.
3. If you're going to create a WebMoney account then you've to know that WMID is not the Number that you'll use for transaction. You've to create an Purse (Z-type purse,that Means USD) and that number should look like "Z999999". That'll be your transaction number like a bank account number.
4. GO TO
5. Enter your E-mail Address
6. Enter Password (new)
7. Enter your Name.
8. Select Payment Type.
9. Enter Payment Details (Like account number, U888888, Z333333, Address Etc Etc).

 Invitation Code
10. Enter Invitation Code: You can not Complete your account without this Code. There are many codes. Here is some codes for you, Use (any) One code, If any code will not work then Use another One from here. Code does not work means That Code has been Expired. So here is the List of Codes. Use any one from here (each code separated by (,) Comma). The Invitation Code(s) are: 26HG, 26HH, 26HI, 26HJ, 26HK, 26HM, 26HN, 26HQ, 26HR, 6H2
11.Re-type the image (Enter Captcha).
12.Click Register Button. 

 Now you got registered.
1. After Sign In You must Go To HELP>GUIDE, RULES... Read them Carefully and follow the Instructions.
3. Click STATISTICS to view the CHART of Time and Rate.
4. Click "SOLVE IMAGES" to start working.

 --- It's a Captcha Entry website.
1. They pay!!!
2. And you can Apply for your money when your balance will be Only $0.10 (ten cents)!!!
3. There rate is $1 per 1000 correct entry!!!
4. They pay through Liberty Reserve account. So you need a Liberty Reserve account to get paid from them. 5. You will get paid Instantly.

Yes. it is true that they pay, there rate is high (compared to others), they pay instantly and you can apply for your money at such a low rate. But the truth is They are Fraud.

There rate is $1 /1000 correct entry. So per captcha =  $0.001. There is a Counter at the left top corner, will count your entry. They will say "update per 2 minutes". So it suppose to be $0.005 after 5 correct entry. But in this site you have to enter 20/22 correct entry to get that amount. So you will be typing and typing and your account won't be load your money correctly. To get paid $1 dollar you have to type more than 15,000 correct entry (minimum) where they are saying that they will pay you $1 dollar after 1000 correct entry!!!
So Avoid This Website. Don't Work With Them.

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  2. Captcha entry work is just typing. This is a data entry work.

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